In order to embrace the concept of Positive Aging, you have to change the way you think about and relate to Boomers. It begins with breaking stereotypes, but that’s not enough. Your writing and visual executions have to energize Boomers with messages that reflect vitality and independence.  Understand and adapt to the Boomer mindset and you can develop new markets, expanding the profit-making potential of your products and services.

If you think your products and services, can’t be profitably repositioned against the Boomer market, you haven’t really searched for the opportunities that are right under your nose. That’s why we created the Boomer Strategy Audit™. Think of it as an innovative way for you to audit your brands to discover new profit-making opportunities, as well as a way to brainstorm approaches to the Boomer market.

The Boomer Strategy Audit may look simple and straightforward, but it can be devilishly difficult to complete. Fortunately, we’re experts at using this tool. When we do your audit, you’ll discover that in the right hands, it’s like the difference between panning for gold and striking the mother-lode.

How to profit from Positive Aging.

Why Boomers have embraced the possibilities of Positive Aging.

The Boomer lifestyle of self-indulgence started with Carl Rogers, the humanistic psychologist who created “person-centered” therapy in the 1950s. As the name suggests, it’s apt to lead to feelings and behaviors that are decidedly self-centered.

    One of his theory’s central tenets is “unconditional positive regard,”  which encourages accepting a person without any negative judgments of basic worth. Great idea, as long as it’s confined to fundamental self-worth. However, the Boomers were changed forever as this concept began to permeate virtually every aspect of their lives.

    Boomers were raised in homes and educational environments that tended to promote this idea, which is why they have so much unconditional positive regard for themselves. This, in turn, is one of the key reasons Boomers have come to believe in the real possibility of Positive Aging. After all, why should they be anything less than the center of their own universe as they grow older?

Why you should embrace Positive Aging.

Historically, aging has been seen as a time of increasing disability inexorably leading to death, but the Boomers are changing that point of view. That’s why the new paradigm of Positive Aging positively resonates with them. That’s also why advertising and marketing communications that mirror its many facets can profoundly influence their buying decisions.

So, if you haven’t already done it, the smart move now is to take a close look at your products and services, and ask yourself how you can reposition them toward the burgeoning Boomer market. Of course, this isn’t to suggest that you walk away from your current markets. No, what makes this new opportunity so lucrative is that there’s a new methodology that can help add incremental profits that will grow your bottom line.

How Positive Aging can make a positive contribution to your bottom line.

We specialize in Boomer-Centered™ marketing.

Speaking to Boomers with authentic value-based communications is just part of what it takes to reflect Positive Aging. Boomers are highly individualistic, making each of them a “Market Segment Of One.” Our Boomer-Centered approach will help you address each and every one in your target market in a genuinely personal way.  And it all begins with a free brand audit to help you discover the hidden profit potential in your products and services.  


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